Finney on Amazon 2019-02-28

European Amazon shops are slated to open by February 28th.

Proof 94
Testnet Release 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

"Phase 2 will begin with internal testnet and then transition into a public testnet early in 2019."

Proof 94
Monthly Airdrop 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

Proof 76
Masternode Promotion Ends 2019-02-28

End of EPIC masternode promotion, which has over 20K USD in prizes and is sponsored by Michael Blast Australia.

Proof 89
Optimized Mainnet 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

U Network optimized Mainnet release.

Proof 65
VORDEX Release 2019-02-28

VORDEX to be released on February 28th.

Proof 55
Whitepaper Version 3.0 2019-02-28

"Version 3.0 of Netkoin's whitepaper will be released 28 February 2019. This version will include a section for the utility token LIQUID."

Proof 100
Nahmii Mainnet Phase 2 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

"Payments will not be enabled for public use until Phase 2 in February."

Proof 91
Stack Bonus Month 1 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

The Stack Bonus payments will be made on a random date within every month. Just need to HODL.

Proof 100
MVP Payment Network Beta 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

MVP Payment Network Beta release in February.

Proof 75
Mobile App Release 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

"Our Native #Mobile #App is coming later this month!"

Proof 100
Alpha 0.2 Launch 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

Alpha version 0.2 release "around" February 2019.

Proof 50
50% Of Total Supply Burn 2019-02-28

In order to increase decentralization, 50% of total supply will be burned on Feb 28th.

Proof 0
V3.x Public Beta 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

The public beta of v3.x will be live in late February.

Proof 0
V1.0 Deployment 2019-02-28 (or earlier)

V1.0 deployment in February 2019.

Proof 0 Competition Ends 2019-02-28 trading competition from Feb 18 - 28.

Proof 0
Singing Contest Ends 2019-03-01

IG singing contest cycle from Jan 21 - Mar 1 with rewards for highest voted videos.

Proof 97
Burn Unclaimed Coins 2019-03-01 (or earlier)

Removal of unmoved coins will occur at block height 480000 (~March 1) and the estimated new supply is 3.5 million.

Proof 83
Crypto Investor Show 2019-03-01

Crypto Investor Show at London QEII Centre from Mar 1-2.

Proof 80
Token Release 2019-03-01

Digitex Futures Treasury releases first round of tokens for direct sale.

Proof 67
AUX Monthly Interest 2019-03-01

Monthly interest will be distributed to all private addresses. Equal interest without the need for staking or mining.

Proof 78
Sandbox Project 2019-03-01 (or earlier)

"We announce the winners and results of Sandbox Project no later than March 1."

Proof 83
Fork to POS 2019-03-02 (or earlier)

"We will be having a hard fork to transition to Proof of Stake early next week."

Proof 80
Shoptalk Las Vegas 2019-03-03

Cappasity participates in Shoptalk, Retail’s Best Show, on March 3–6, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Proof 86
Permissioned Testnet v1.1 2019-03-04

Proof 96
Allbit Competition Ends 2019-03-04 (or earlier)

IOTX participates in Allbit's AxU Project 5 Trade Listing Competition from January 30 - March 4 (KST, GMT+9).

Proof 95
NYC Meetup 2019-03-04

Stellar Blockchain Meetup at AWS Loft 350 West Broadway, New York, NY from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EST).

Proof 94
Multi-token wallet 2019-03-04

"Netkoin's Multi-token wallet will launch in the next beta version of Netkoin's mobile app which is set for release on Monday 4 March 2019."

Proof 97
Skywire Mainnet Launch 2019-03-04 (or earlier)

Proof 82
Token Distribution 2019-03-04

"Distribution Every First Monday on the Following Month."

Proof 80
EthCC 2019 2019-03-05

EthCC 2019 (Ethereum Community Conference) is the second edition of a series of conferences and workshops dedicated to ETH.

Proof 92
Mainnet Hardfork 2019-03-06

"Mainnet hardfork estimated date."

Proof 84
Minerva Mainnet Release 2019-03-06

The second mainnet of Aeternity, called Minerva, will become active around March 6, 2019.

Proof 90
Finance World Expo 2019-03-06

Opportunity for new companies and private investors to meet and discuss current economic climate and trends.

Proof 80
Monthly Live Stream 2019-03-06

Horizen monthly livestream on first Wednesday of each month at 6 PM (GMT) with exclusive updates and Q&A.

Proof 75
Breakthrough Pittsburgh 2019-03-08

Jared Tate founder & creator of DigiByte will take part in an event bringing together technology, businesses and the public together.

Proof 98
Staking Begins 2019-03-09

Deposit NPX / NPXSEM into XWallet to join the distribution scheme from March 10, 2019 - May 31, 2019.

Proof 95
Block Halving 2019-03-11 (or earlier)

Block halving at block number 2,304,001. This is expected around March 11.

Proof 98
Asia Crypto Week 2019-03-11

Asia Crypto Week is a week of various independently organized educational and developer-focused events, taking place in Hong Kong.

Proof 33
Cboe XBT Expiration Date 2019-03-13

Bitcoin Future Contract (XBTH19) expires on March 13, 2019.

Proof 81
Token 2049 2019-03-13

"TOKEN2049 organizes the premier digital asset event in Asia on 13-14 March 2019 in Hong Kong."

Proof 67
Infrachain Summit 2019-03-14

Infrachain Summit 2nd edition in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Proof 0
Mainnet Launch 2019-03-15

"Version 1.0 of live Mainnet launch set for March 15, 2019."

Proof 93
Mainnet Launch 2019-03-15

"Version 1.0 of live Mainnet launch set for March 15, 2019." Which will include a Theta Fuel airdrop.

Proof 92
POS Pilot Address Opens 2019-03-15

Users participating in the staking pilot will be given a smart contract address to send their WAN to between the 15th and 31st.

Proof 98
Ravencoin SLC Meetup 2019-03-15

Second Annual Salt Lake City Ravencoin meetup at 6PM.

Proof 97
Store Launch 2019-03-15 (or earlier)

GameCredits Foundation launches store around March 15 where you can buy 3000+ games and software titles with #GAME exclusively.

Proof 100
Exchange Launch 2019-03-15

Proof 17
Hard Fork 2019-03-16

Hard fork to enable “Tethered Assets” in Burstcoin, a type of token that has a fixed USD value.

Proof 65
Presents at RBS 2019-03-18

SolarCoin presents at 7th Responsible Business Summit at the Marriott, Brooklyn Bridge, New York from March 18-19.

Proof 75